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About Real Authentic Wine

We sell natural
We provide organic, biodynamic and natural wines.

Wines that are served up in the best wine bars in Copenhagen and Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Tokyo, in traditional Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris, London and San Francisco.

We personally know winemakers and producers of our wines. Terroir vineyards, respectful soil treatment, manual harvesting, limited edition, philosophy, experiments, love and clean product that tastes of what nature gives us.

We are not interested in "factory" alcohol. We are passion for one-of-a-kind wines, hardcore winemakers keeping family roots or starting the business "from scratch" and people - new generation of wine drinkers that could transform the future wine market.

Today Real Authentic Wine’ portfolio includes more than 120 wine producers from France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the USA and Russia. Among them are rock-stars of natural winemaking: Agrapart, Savart, David Leclapart, Jean-Yves Bizot, Frederic Cossard, Alexandre Bain, Julien Courtois, Pierre Frick, Jean-François Ganevat, Marcel Lapierre, Emidio Pepe, Meyer-Nakel, Fritz Haag, Gut Oggau, Nikolaihof, Kongsgaard and others.

We are distributing wines to the best Russian restaurants including Uilliam’s, Pinch, Severyane, Piazza Italiana, White Rabbit, Selfie, Wine & Crab, Duo, Hamlet+Jacks, Probka Family, Ginza Project and Coffemania.

Beginning our “history” in 1996s we’ve started distributing classic terroir wines as Tre Bicchieri brand in 2010 with growing trend towards organic, biodynamic and natural.

Among our own projects in Moscow and St. Petersburg are Big Wine Freaks wine bars, Moroshka for Pushkin, BeefZavod, Max’s Beef for Money (GQ’s best wine restaurant 2016), the first in Russia Cash & Carry Wine Store Vinny sklad and Na Vina! Bar and Shop.

Our team is made up of the best sommeliers of Russia including Vladimir Basov, Yulia Khaybullina, Evgeny Shamov.

We are also consulting private and corporate clients, managing wine collections, trainings and special events.

Avant-garde? For us it’s a lifestyle.
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7 800 777-30-47
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